Cam Horan, partner

Cam Horan has run companies from start-ups to private equity-backed firms with $175 million in revenue.

Cam has also bought and sold many companies as an executive, advisor, and investor.  And he’s raised over $50 million in capital from angel investors, strategic investors, banks, and private equity funds.

His industry experience includes biotech, services, retail, outsourcing, healthcare services, pharma, and consulting.

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Vincent Dipas, partner

Vincent Dipas is a business development, marketing, and communications exec specializing in growth companies—$0 to $50 million in revenue—with new technologies.

In entrepreneurial and start-up roles, Vincent has crafted product/service commercialization strategies and formed relationships with key customers, channels, and investors.  In corporate roles, he’s led communications and marketing, building teams, revenue, and category leadership, and enabling successful financings and exits.

His investor relations and funding work includes NASDAQ (2 IPOs), LSEG, venture capital equity and debt, and HNW individuals and family offices.

His industry expertise includes Biotech/Pharma, Healthcare, Tech, Agency, and Management Consulting.

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